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  • Appreciation to Seslow

    Appreciation to Seslow

    Ct – 101 has truly been fun. This my first semester as a digital communications major so I didn’t have any real expectations. This class has been a sincere and honest introduction to what I have to look forward to. It was fun, engaging, creative, and allowed us to be expressive. It was also challenging. […]

  • It’s a start

    It’s a start

    I WANT TO THE DO STUFFS !!! I kind of love the DS106 assignments repository. We love a fun and challenging thing to do. We love to flex our brain and creative muscles. I do feel like the user interface could use a facelift. I briefly looked into the the daily create but felt like DS106 […]

  • The name claim !!

    The name claim !!

    Dorks are cool now a days !!! Dorkdom has invaded almost every facet of multimedia. Most of the top grossing films of all time involve superheroes or some other type of sci-fi elements. That and being a life long nerdy boy had me hoping and praying the domain name I wanted to use was available […]

  • Who do ya LOVE !!!

    Who do ya LOVE !!!

    When I think about the things we’re passionate about I think about the things we love, the things we cannot live without.  I love Comic books and superheroes. They’ve entered just about every aspect of my life, they’re the back ground to my phone and computer, they’re what I read on the train and in […]

  • Happiness


        Warner Brother’s is home to DC Comics and DC is home to some of the most popular heroes known to fiction. Home to Batman, Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Warner Brother’s and DC Comics have had mixed results with these wildly popular heroes on the big screen. Few of their films […]