Warner Brother’s is home to DC Comics and DC is home to some of the most popular heroes known to fiction. Home to Batman, Superman, the Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Warner Brother’s and DC Comics have had mixed results with these wildly popular heroes on the big screen. Few of their films have gone on to be major successes and have big box office draws and even fewer have been given any critical praise. The franchises are filled with characters handled so poorly many have given up hope that warner and DC could salvage anything from the original attempt to build something to rival the Marvel cinematic universe.

What makes ME happy is that it was recently announced that a new pair of CEOs are taking over at DC comics and will lead the next ten years of DC films. One of these new CEOs is James Gunn the director and writer of the Marvel film “Guardians of the galaxy” and the DC film “The Suicide Squad”. Handing over the reins to someone like Gunn gives me an immense amount of restored faith in the future of DC films. What me makes me even happier is that they’ve released the slate of DC films and television shows for us to look forward to.






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