It’s a start

I kind of love the DS106 assignments repository. We love a fun and challenging thing to do. We love to flex our brain and creative muscles. I do feel like the user interface could use a facelift. I briefly looked into the the daily create but felt like DS106 was the site I waned to use. Daily create felt worse to navigate and frankly that made it a turn off.
Step 1: Choose an assignment.
I know it’s kind of a cop out to pick the assignment we did in class but, I had to pick this assignment out of the love for one Bob Ross. Hell, I’m even going to us the image in the prompt.  On to step 2
Step 2: Find the image
To no ones surprise this was an easy find. A quick google image search of Bob Ross and it was found !!
We save the image and then it all mountainous glory !!
Step 3: We decide on what we’re going to fill the image with. I’m thinking something along the lines or some Marvel and DC characters. so we head to Pixabay to find some transparent characters.
We make and save our choices.
Step 4: we head over to Photopea and start adding the heroes we want to the add to the scenery.
Step 5: We proceed to fiddle with the image and the added heroes. It was a lot of saving images and adding and removing them in and out.
And here we have the final product !!!!
Overall it was a fun and simple assignment. All the sites we cool and easy to use. I got use some characters that I love and slap them into one of the famous Bob Ross’ beautiful painting. I did find Pixaby’s stock limited but I did what I felt was fun.

Eventually I’d really like to take a crack  at some other assignments DS106 has to offer like this one here

I’m thinking it’s going to take a lot of work and learning. I’d have to learn how to properly edit a video. I would have to learn to write a script for a specific amount of time and fun yet daunting task !!!!






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