Appreciation to Seslow

Ct – 101 has truly been fun. This my first semester as a digital communications major so I didn’t have any real expectations. This class has been a sincere and honest introduction to what I have to look forward to. It was fun, engaging, creative, and allowed us to be expressive. It was also challenging. Picking up news skills always is and Professor Seslow was amazing walking us through the work.
Putting together our own blogspace and teaching us to gather the materials needed to build up a blog was WAY more fun than I anticipated. From surfing Giphy and Pixabay to find the images and gifs to support our text, to creating our own gifs via Photopea and of course Giphy.  My main regret is that I didn’t get to sink my teeth in enough.
We created and registered our own domains !! and created our very own websites, This honestly was my favorite part. It was equal parts exciting and frustrating. WordPress was intuitive and easy to use. it was easy to pick and just get going. The customization was a little on the simple side but I can’t wait to sink my teeth in and edit the site some more. I saw this as an opportunity to Start something some friends and I always talked about. I welcome you to
This is our home page. Where my fellow nerds can see a small gallery to know we specialize in these nerdy areas (don’t come here looking for “Star Trek”………kidding of course). I loved making the header, we have our main title hyperlinked of course for easy navigation and access to our other two pages. Finding and reusing some photos  to add the small image gallery was simple thanks to Seslows tutorials. Editing the home page was pretty simple ! I wanted a welcoming color set and love the orangish gradient color scheme that were available. I tried to keep it simple and easy to follow.
You scroll down some and can see some of my previous blog post. transferring the post from the class’s blog to my own was an easy squeezy process. I had the zoom recording running the entire time I was creating the site lol. A quick copy and paste and we were in motion.
and one final scroll down and we come to our footer. It has our two other pages and some hyperlinked social you can find. The socials all lead to myself as this is more of a trial run. Follow if you want but, its just my boring life……. for now.
Next up is page two.
It’s a simple contact us page. I found a transparent picture of our good ole professor X to get the message across that we love the X- Men, also transparent so we can let those beautiful color of the background pop.
We keep it simple and clean here under our other good professor. We have some more hyperlinked socials to allow for messaging and an email address to reach me at. We even remixed a joke taken from professor Seslow shhhhhh don’t tell him.
On to page 3
It’s an about page. I greatly appreciate wordpress easy to use templates for creating new pages. We add our fancy acronym for dope ass dorks: D.A.D.s. I aim to add other people to the site if some others decide to take part that’s why its plural and basic. It has an image of me and quick summary of who I am and brief synopsis of what we aim to do at Dope ass dorks.
All in all It was a blast. The things we learned we fun. I loved making my own gifs, memes, and images. Do I think they were good ? no, I love them none the less. Ryan was an excellent teacher, easy to talk to and always accessible. I loved making the site it was amazing experience and I fully intend on using going forward.






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